Life Skills 101

If I were to list the necessary skills need to cope with the pressures of life and progress into a successful life, most would say, “No problem, I got this!”  So let’s take a look at the necessary life skills and ask a few questions:

Here is a list of Life Skills: Spiritual Vitality, Physical Health, Emotional Intelligence, Vocational Purpose, and Financial Stability.


The first step in mastering any skill is through education, whether from a book or from working beside a skilled person. Many different styles and approaches exist for teaching life skills. Find the one that you best relate. Everyone knows a little about each skill. Most people are educated in a few areas.  Few are knowledgeable in all areas. Be that person. It takes time.


Now here is the catch. Most people are fairly educated in the basic core skills and can talk conversationally with others. But when you begin to ask specific questions about lifestyles based on life skills it’s crickets.

Here’s one question from each life skill that gets to the heart of the matter:

  • When is the last time you have had a life altering spiritual experience?
  • How many times a week do you exercise?
  • Would your spouse or children say you are addressing personal issues in a proactive manner?
  • Would your coworkers say you are motivated to do your best based on passion, purpose and meaning?
  • Are you living paycheck to paycheck?


Starts and stops, bits and pieces! The dreaded resolutions. I can do almost anything once, but to do something in a measured, consistent manner is much more difficult.

Here are a few keys:

  • Listen to your spouse.
  • Talk about real issues with your best friends.
  • Find an older person as a mentor to ask you tough questions.


With education, application and consistency through the years, you grow gradually, incrementally, broadly and strategically.  This is what the business world calls excellence. I prefer to call it wisdom. Wisdom is a deep, experience-based understanding on how life works and actually living it. The skills produce the outcome. This is the goal. It is never too late to start.

Now let’s get very practical:

  • Pick one Life Skill that needs your attention.
  • Find someone you know who you respect in this area. Meet with them and ask question. Pre-write your questions.
  • Do your research, then pick one. Don’t buy ten books. Buy one, Read it. Apply it.
  • Pick the one thing that will most greatly encourage you if you do it. For example, going to a place of worship, making a small payment to eliminate debt or make a deposit into your saving accounts, go for a walk, ask for forgiveness in a broken relationship.
  • Pick one person to do this with you or ask you periodically how you are progressing. No less than once a month. Weekly is best. Statistics show that creating a habit is easier when someone else is participating with you.

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